V37M SBC (Single Board Camera)

The V37M SBC (Single Board Camera) is a developer platform for System/FW designer to implement an AI-driven, low power and single sensor camera application, such as smart home camera, video doorbell camera, body worn camera, face recognition camera and more.

iCatch Technology provides all the necessary tools and materials to help you accelerate your development, including FW SDK, hardware circuit reference design, developer WIKI documentation and smartphone APP SDK for both iOS and Android.


  • V37M Main Board.
  • Panasonic MN34112 Sensor Board.
  • UI Key Board.
  • LCD Panel Board.
  • USB Power Adaptor (5V/2A).
  • USB Type A to USB Type C Cable.
  • USB Type A to Micro USB Cable.
  • USB Type A to Mini USB Cable.


  • AIOT (AI + IOT)
  • Smart Home Camera
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Body Worn Camera
  • Face Recognition Camera
  • 3D Sensing Camera
  • Automated Stores
  • Factory Automation
  • Mixed Reality HMD

If you would like to purchase V37M SBC, please contact us through this link.