iCatch’s automotive computer vision solutions aim to improve passengers’ safety and user experience. By incorporating the state-of-the-art image signal processor (ISP) and video CODEC (CODEC) which support multi-channel camera inputs, iCatch’s solutions can cover both exterior and in-cabin imaging applications. In addition to high dynamic range (HDR) image processing for exterior cameras, RGBIR and event-based sensor are also supported for in-cabin monitoring while protecting passengers’ privacy. Combined with proprietary video DSP (VDSP) and neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning, ADAS such as driver monitoring system (DMS), blind spot detection (BSD) and rear collision warning (RCW) can be realized in a single chip design to greatly reduce system complexity. iCatch’s automotive solutions are available in both industrial grade and AEC-Q100 to cover OEM/Tier-1’s needs from aftermarket to OEM market.

Main Applications

  • Dash cameras have been widely adopted to record what is happening around the vehicle. When an event or accident occurs, the recorded video files are used as evidence to clarify responsibility. As the video technology evolves, more cameras can be processed and recorded simultaneously. Therefore, in addition to external cameras, in-cabin cameras are also installed to monitor the driver and passengers for certain markets, such as fleet management and mobility services. Machine learning is also being adopted to add ADAS to the system to further enhance users' safety.

  • Electronic mirror: Electronic mirror has started to replace traditional rearview mirrors as camera and display technologies advance. Mirror is substituted by display to show the side and rear traffic conditions captured by multiple camera modules. Electronic mirrors can avoid blind spots and display more information at low-light conditions than traditional mirror solutions. Some electronic mirror systems also include video recording function to act as a dash camera to create added value for end customers.


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