Consumer imaging solutions aim to provide high-quality imaging applications. With advanced image signal processor (ISP) and video codec, iCatch's solution provides the technical foundation required for a variety of life video products. There are many products designed with iCatch's platform on the market, including digital camera, action camera, video conferencing camera, drone, VR headset, etc. Solutions ranging from 1080p to 4K resolutin provide customers with a variety of software and hardware. Through the advantages of different series of SOC and ISP, original design manufacturers can meet different customer groups.

Main Applications

  • Action camera can capture each unforgettable moment always and everywhere on the trip. Whether in the air, on land, in the water, or even in the snow, it can completely take the wonderful images. iCatch's imaging solutions provide resolutions from FHD to 4K, advanced electric image stabilization (EIS), HDR, 360-degree video recording, as well as ultra-low power consumption and fast startup to extend battery life.

  • Different from the general webcams, iCatch's conference camera solution supports AI and high-quality images, which can identify the participants and adjust the image automatically to capture all the participants. It can also track the speaker by voice recognition. This solution provides such as 4K resolution video, autofocus tracking, human-centered automatic tracking, automatic speech recognition and whiteboard recognition.

  • In international swimming competitions, AR technology can present the information of the contestants and real-time status on the broadcast to make the broadcast video more vivid and exciting. VR headset can also present a complete 360-degree images. iCatch's imaging solution supports YUV and MJPEG image output, up to 4K resolution, low power consumption and no external-cooling device, making the product lighter and easier to wear.


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