Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

As the main system chip (SOC) in the security camera, iCatch solution support a powerful image signal processor (ISP) enabling features such as fish-eye lens de-warping, high dynamic range (HDR), and AI-enhanced noise reduction in the low light. iCatch solution not only supports highly efficient encoders such as H.265 and H.264 with low bit rate (LBR) capability for smooth network transmission but also audio DSP with acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) for high-quality two-way communication. With embedded CV DSP which pre-process and post-process the deep learning (DL) dataset, iCatch solution fully enhance the performance of its AI accelerator to realize the real-time intelligent vision in any security camera on the edge.

Working for smart home applications, iCatch solution is designed to support DVS (Dynamic Vision Sensor) for home care monitoring to achieve accurate behavior recognition and privacy enhancement at the same time. For battery-powered home security camera, iCatch solution operates with low-power consumption and fast boot-up time. Furthermore, iCatch solution could work with AON (Always On) camera module to implement the pre-recording with battery power and also highly integrate with mmWave radar to track the path of visitor in the home yard.

Main Applications

  • Smart door-lock has started to replace traditional door-lock as camera technologies advance. The physical key is substituted by the face identity authentication system with fast booting performance. Smart door-lock could help its users save the time to find a key and prevents its users from the infection of pandemic disease resulting from contact with the surface of door-lock.

  • With their wide range of styles and features, security cameras are common in most industries and even in smart homes. These applications can range from theft and vandalism deterrence to visitor and deliveryman monitoring. With new AI technology to recognize people and object, the security IP cameras are ideal for monitoring inside and outside of businesses, offices, and residential homes.


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