State-of-the-art ISP Chip for Automotive Imaging - Ci3

iCatch introduces Ci3 series ISP to meet the stringent image quality required by automakers for both ADAS processing and human viewing. Its low power and small form factor make it a perfect solution for high-resolution automotive camera module.

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Edge AI SoC for Battery-powered Security Camera

With advanced manufacturing process, Vi37 has a power efficient NPU for edge AI to reduce false alarm and increase safety. Combined with iCatch’s expertise in fast-boot technology and battery-powered camera devices, Vi37 is designed to solve the existing pain points in battery-powered home security cameras.

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3D Sensing Era is Around the Corner

iCatch has partnered with leading multinational semiconductor companies to develop a module capable of 2D RGB and 3D TOF fusion and computer vision processing to let developers worldwide explore all kinds of new 3D applications.

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Imaging Technology Transforming the Automotive Industry

Digital imaging has been widely adopted on vehicles and iCatch is introducing C-Series SoCs to improve passenger safety, covering applications from recording and viewing to sensing and autonomous driving.

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Intelligent Automotive Rearview Camera

Centralized computing architecture is difficult to achieve a highly reliable system with the increasing number of cameras on a vehicle. iCatch is introducing automotive image signal processors to analyze the image data directly in module to offload central processors’ tasks.

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