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Press Release
Nov 14, 2022

iCatch Announced New ISP Technology For Night-Vision and Surveillance Applications

Low-light scenes have always been the biggest challenge for network security cameras. Traditional solutions capture mono videos with the built-in IR LED lighting under low-light. However, mono images may lose the key judgement factors in surveillance monitoring, such as intruders’ skin tones, hair color and clothing. Due to this limitation, consumers continue to search for home security cameras that can capture color video in the dark. Thus ultra-low light color image processing technology becomes crucial for network security camera application. 
In recent years, some security cameras have integrated white color LED and high sensitivity image sensor to capture color video in the dark. However, adding either IR or white LED will not only increase system cost and the time required for image fine-tuning but also introduce additional power consumption. The increased power consumption will shorten the battery life and the user will need to replace or recharge the battery more often.
iCatch’s new Vi57 SoC has an integrated AI-based digital lighting technology inside the 8th generation image processor. The AI-based digital lighting technology can generate clear color image under extreme low-light (0.1 Lux) illumination with mainstream image sensor. Vi57 SoC also includes a neural network engine so that edge AI features, such as pedestrian detection, face detection and behavior prediction, can all be realized within a single chip. The combination of digital lighting technology and edge AI can detect potential risk factors under extreme lighting to extend the level of security.
Left is IR light image, Right is Vi57 digital lighting image.
In future professional surveillance, security cameras will be required to generate vivid images under all kinds of conditions so that the objects in the scenes can be clearly identified. In order to achieve this goal, cameras not only need to adopt a high sensitivity and high resolution image sensor but also an imaging SoC with state-of-the-art image processor and neural network engine to achieve excellent image quality and accurate object recognition. The recently announced iCatch’s Vi57 SoC has introduced a technological breakthrough in low-light image processing for security camera application. It will become the driving force of new application and camera design in the security and surveillance market.
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