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Press Release
Sep 01, 2020

iCatch’s New ePTZ Image Processing Solution Meets the Needs of Remote Vision Communication During the Global Coronavirus Epidemic

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the human-to-human interaction models completely. Many industrial and economic activities have also changed to new norms. As a result, remote video communication has become the most noticed topic recently. The demand of network cameras has also increased for the applications in work from home, distance meetings, or remote lecturing. With the rise of the 5G era and the proliferated development of artificial intelligence applications, the new AI ePTZ image processing solution from iCatch can add intelligent person tracking function to the web-based camera, which improves the performance and efficiency of distance working.
Follow the growth trend of network camera, iCatch’s new AI ePTZ camera solution not only can capture 4K ultra high-definition video images with ultra-wide-angle support, but also enables the "Video Auto Frame" function through the advanced NPU edge computing capability. It can detect portraits of conference speakers, lecturers on stage, or white board materials to activate zoom, pan-and-tilt and focus functions, and can quickly detect all persons in the scene. The 4X digital zoom function can enlarge the interested area of the image to twice the length and width of the normal size and keep high-quality video at the same time. This ePTZ camera solution also has dual microphone input to support the "Audio Frame" and "Audio Tracking" functions which can lock-on and track the speaker automatically.
The ePTZ camera with iCatch’s AI imaging solution is compact in size and easy-to-use. It can be applied widely in classroom recording, remote teaching, staff training, video conferencing, and so on. The ePTZ camera solution also supports HDMI, IP network, and USB-C connections. It can be installed easily through a PC or remote control. The intelligent person tracking function can adjust the portrait to follow the movement of a speaker, which is quite useful and convenient for conference speakers, lecturers on stage, or live streaming hosts. Such solution can improve the interactiveness and effectiveness of remote video communication.
iCatch continues to invest in the development of solutions related to edge computing and smart image processing actively. If you are interested in iCatch's smart image processing solutions or need technical services, welcome to contact us.
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