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Apr 10, 2020

VeriSilicon demonstrate Vivante NPU IP performance on iCatch’s intelligent video SoC solution platform

VeriSilicon, a silicon platform as a service provider, recently shared their demonstration video of Vivante Neural Processing Unit (NPU) IP performance on WeChat using the intelligent video SoC development platform from iCatch. This intelligent video SoC platform not only has an edge computing NPU inside, but also includes an in-house high quality image signal processing (ISP) unit and a proprietary high performance computer vision (CV) accelerator. This combination brings to iCatch the next generation CV SoC solution.
By activating the Vivante NPU engine embedded in iCatch’s SoC chip on the system development board, it can detect pedestrian, motorcycle, vehicle, bus, or other objects in real time with very low power consumption. This demonstration also indicates that iCatch did a very good job in integrating the NPU with ISP and video encoder engines into a single chip design with optimal power-performance balancing.
Please check the demonstration at the link below:
Demonstration Vivante NPU IP performance on iCatch’s intelligent video SoC solution platform

Currently, iCatch has three independent product series that support intelligent edge computing capability.
Ci1 – the intelligent automotive image processing series
CR1 – the intelligent automotive video recording series
Vi37 – the AIOT intelligent home security and surveillance camera series
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