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Press Release
Jun 12, 2023

iCatch Technology and Valens Semiconductor Collaborate to Introduce a Multi-camera Videoconferencing Solution

Taipei, Taiwan - iCatch Technology, a leading AI image processing IC design company, announced today a collaboration with Valens Semiconductor, a world leader in high-performance connectivity solutions, to develop an innovative videoconferencing multi-camera video system based on Valens Semiconductor’s CSI-2 extension high-speed data transmission technology. The multi-camera video system is designed to transmit four camera streams over long distances using Valens Semiconductor’s VA7000 chipset family. The four independent video streams are then processed by iCatch Technology’s V57 AI imaging SoC and output via USB3.2 interface to be captured by a processor running the videoconferencing application. Valens Semiconductor will be showing the live demonstration of the system at InfoComm 2023, from June 14 to 16.
"We are thrilled to be working with Valens Semiconductor on this revolutionary Camera Serial extension technology to transform the audio-video industry," said Chuck Liao, VP of Business Development of iCatch Technology. "Our collaboration with Valens Semiconductor has enabled us to develop a cutting-edge solution that will change the market approach to video conference applications. We believe that this multi-camera video solution will raise the bar for videoconferencing quality and reliability providing a better user experience at a competitive cost."
"Valens Semiconductor is excited to partner with iCatch Technology on this project," said Gabi Shriki, SVP, Head of Audio-Video at Valens Semiconductor. "Our camera extension technology, based on the VA7000 chipset family, is designed to enable high-speed, long-distance transmission of video signals. We believe that iCatch Technology's expertise in video processing and analytics will transform the way the industry implements multi-camera videoconferencing systems, and we look forward to working closely with iCatch Technology and our customers to deliver this innovative solution to the market."
The video solution is expected to revolutionize the professional videoconferencing market by enabling high quality video streaming over long distances to offer customers a new level of flexibility and convenience of camera deployment. The multi-camera video solution developed by iCatch Technology and Valens Semiconductor is ready for customer engagements.
For a more detailed introduction to the "Multi-camera Videoconferencing Solution" and live demo showcased by Valens at the 2023 Infocomm, please visit the following link: