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Press Release
Aug 04, 2020

The Future is Now – A Powerful Contactless Access Control Module by iCatch Technology

Since long ago, traditional access control methods require physical touch to enable the operation. However, the current global pandemic has proved that minimizing physical contact between user and surface of public device is crucial to the health of human beings. With the technology of iCatch Technology — the powerful touchless access control module was born and built for simple, highly efficient, and long lasting operation.

Key features of contactless access control module:
Contactless biometric recognition
Face, iris, and voiceprint recognition could be achievable. In order to pass identity authentication, users of the system do not need to contact the surface of public utilities anymore. The access control module with such recognition capability strongly prevents its users from the infection of pandemic disease.
High accuracy and liveness detection
Integrated with one RGB-IR and one IR camera module, the system could execute anti-spoof functions and then detect the liveness. With the specially adapted better approach for Focus Adjust flow of the system, the RGB-IR camera module could provide both clear RGB and IR images at the same time. Applying neural network algorithms for better accuracy and robustness, the overall recognition process can be performed directly on the edge device.
Reliable operation
With safety-critical RTOS for industrial control equipment, the access control system could support stable and solid recognition process. By adding the secure-boot feature and  data encryption, the system prevent the risk from the potential of hacking attack.
Fast and long lasting operation
The duration from system booting to recognition process is extremely short so that users of the control system are almost unaware of the recognition process. With the refined circuit design and highly advanced process, the solution chipset of the control system requires quite low power consumption so as to achieve the goal to build the system for long lasting battery life.
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