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Press Release
Dec 16, 2021

iCatch Automotive ISP Ci3-P passed AEC-Q100 Certification to Enter into the Factory-Installed Products

iCatch Technology, Inc. (iCatch) announced that the automotive image signal processor Ci3-P had passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certification in November 2021, and become the first domestic ISP for camera modules that meets automotive certification. As the migration of levels of automated driving, each vehicle that conforms to the Level 5 specification will be equipped with more than 8 camera modules on average in the future. For the variety of outdoor driving environments, a dedicated ISP is required to meet the high requirements of car manufacturers for image quality. Therefore, iCatch launched the automotive ISP Ci3-P in 2020, and officially passed the automotive qualification in 2021.

With the enhancement of vehicle intelligence and electrification, the use of automotive imaging application also gets more extensive. iCatch has actively invested in the development of the automotive imaging market in recent years, and has been recognized by many car manufacturers. iCatch's solutions have been integrated in the pre-delivery installation dashcams for the original equipment manufacturers of top three car brands in Europe, and is now cooperating actively with customers to introduce the automotive grade qualified chips into the factory-installed in-vehicle system.
Due to the increased requirements for automotive safety, many countries have begun to regulate the manufacturers on the installation of new ADAS systems in cars. For smart cockpits, European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) will mandate the installation of driving fatigue and attention monitoring systems for new cars from July 2022. Therefore, iCatch is actively approaching the smart cockpit market, and cooperates with the first tier suppliers to develop a new generation of automotive imaging solution for driver and passenger monitoring. iCatch's new image signal processor Ci3-P can support an RGBIR image sensor, which combines the advantages of RGB and IR sensors in a camera module. It can capture high-resolution images in visible (RGB) lighting or under infrared (IR) illumination to improve the recognition rate of AI algorithm. This solution has been adopted by an AI Unicorn Company.
Ci3-P can also support high dynamic range (HDR) imaging in high-contrast lighting conditions. Its resolution and framerate can reach 1080p60 to effectively reduce the live view lagging and pixelating, so that the driver can adapt to different traffic situations in real time. Ci3-P platform is well-designed and highly recognized by customers, and will be developed for the factory-installed products.
After obtained the AEC-Q100 qualification, iCatch Ci3-P will be suitable for the application of automotive factory-installed products in the future and foster a new wave of revenue growth. iCatch will also continue to invest a lot of R&D resources in the development of IC architecture that conforms to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard to meet future customer requirements for product safety.
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