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Press Release
Feb 17, 2020

iCatch Technology Joins ISC WEST 2020 to Deepen in North America's Smart Home Security Market

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power and intelligent image processing SoC solutions, will participate in the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC WEST), held in Las Vegas, USA from March 24 to 26 in 2021. iCatch will showcase the demonstrations, including battery powered security camera, PTZ web camera solution, camera monitoring system, and driver monitoring system. It is expected to increase the popularity of iCatch’s home security and surveillance image solutions in the North American market and attract more cooperation from ODM/OEM manufacturers.
iCatch has been actively approaching AIoT market by collaborating with many domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as academic institutes. iCatch's products have a wide range of applications, and lead the industry in 2019 to launch a battery powered security camera solution Vi37 with edge computing functions. The Vi37 is an AI-powered image processing SoC, which has incorporated a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to enable the edge computing capability right on the camera. It also can perform intelligent image analysis functions, such as detection of faces, human, vehicles, or animals. For example, by introducing human detection function into the intelligent doorbell camera, it can reduce the false alarm rate, improve the battery life, and avoid sending false messages to the uses.
In addition to providing high-quality 4k resolution images to the far-end video connection, the PTZ web camera based on iCatch's V37 platform can crop and track a person in the camera field of view so that the cropped image of this tracked person will locate as close to the center of display as possible. This function is a very useful for a conference presenter or a live streaming host, and will save the cost of mechanical components in the camera.
Ci3 is iCatch’s latest automotive ISP chip designed to be put in the camera module. By supporting 1080p60 video frame rate, the state-of-the-art color filter array (RCCC/RCCB/RGBIR), ultra-high dynamic range (up to 144dB), LED flicker mitigation, de-warping engine (lens distortion correction and view point adjustment) and emphasizing on small form factor and low-power, Ci3 can fit into automotive camera modules for various imaging systems, including camera monitoring system (CMS), driver monitoring system (DMS), occupant monitoring system (OMS), surround view monitoring (SVM), blind spot detection (BSD), rear view camera (RVC) and ADAS.
iCatch's imaging SoC solutions are diverse and complete. Their product quality has long been trusted and affirmed by the customers from all walks of life. The diversified peripheral interfaces and ultra-low power consumption design can provide customers with a variety of high-performance and cost-effective intelligent image processing solutions. The iCatch’s products and technologies mentioned above for  ISC West have all been adopted by internationally renowned customers to develop their new products. Welcome to visit our booth at No.35065 in ISC West 2021.
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