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Press Release
Dec 23, 2018

iCatch Partners with Analog Device to Enable ToF Applications

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, high-performance digital imaging SoC solutions, today officially announces the partnership with Analog Device (ADI) on Time of Flight (ToF) technology for 3D depth generation to enable various applications. ADI has unveiled the 3D ToF module on its “ADI IoT/ToF Solutions Roadshow 2018” in Taiwan. This module includes ADI’s ADDI9033 analog front-end to control the CCD ToF sensor and the laser diode and iCatch’s V50 SoC to control the additional RGB camera and to receive the depth map from ADI’s ADDI9033 for post-processing.

iCatch’s V50 contains dual-core 32-bit RISC CPU and an embedded computer vision DSP for customers to port their algorithms on the module to enable edge computing. At the Roadshow, ADI has demonstrated the potential applications that can be enabled with ToF technology, such as virtual wall for factory automation, people counting for intelligent building and rear object detection for automotive. By having both the depth and RGB information, iCatch’s V50 can utilize their advantages to improve the computer vision efficiency and accuracy.

With the complete peripheral support on V50, this module offers multiple interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and USB 2.0, to connect to host computer for data management and further processing if needed. iCatch is honored to cooperate with ADI to make this state-of-the-art technology more approachable to businesses in different markets and is ready to assist our customers to explore the endless opportunities ToF can bring to change the way we live.