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Press Release
Aug 12, 2019

iCatch’s Automotive Intelligent ISP Chip Ci1 is a Finalist in the 2019 AutoSens Awards

iCatch’s Ci1, an intelligent image signal processor (ISP) with edge computing engine for automotive application, has been selected as one of the finalists for the 2019 AutoSens Awards. iCatch Technology is also the only company among the 61 international finalists that is from Taiwan. iCatch’s Ci1 is listed in the category of the Best in Class Perception System and will compete with seven international companies together. The finalists for this category are as follow.

(Data Source: AutoSens - )
The iCatch’s Ci1 (Car Imaging) series supports automotive grade image processing with edge computing capability. It integrates a neural processing unit (NPU) to enable edge intelligence in camera module and to reduce the computational burden of the electronic control unit (ECU). Through real-time image analysis and computation, this NPU block can help the camera module to perform intelligent functions such as vehicle detection (VD), pedestrian detection (PD) and blind spot detection (BSD). Ci1 also enables features such as high dynamic range (HDR), lens distortion correction (LDC) and more other functions which are essential to automotive imaging applications.
At the AutoSens 2019 Exhibition, iCatch will demonstrate several advanced automotive imaging solutions based on Ci1, including iRVC, IMS/DMS and e-Mirror. We are pleased to welcome you to visit our stand.