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Press Release
Sep 09, 2019

iCatch V37A Intelligent Image Processing SoC Supports ON Semiconductor’s AR0237 RGB IR Sensor To Enable Advanced Smart Image Sensing Solutions

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, high-performance digital imaging SoC chips, recently developed a new intelligent camera solution supporting an advanced RGB-IR CMOS sensor from ON Semiconductor® to enable smart object detection functions and 3D depth processing under different color and infrared lighting conditions. Designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor smart home camera applications including video doorbells and courtyard monitoring, this joint solution combines iCatch V37A image signal processor as the edge computing platform and the AR0237 RGB-IR CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor. This unique combination can capture high-resolution and high-quality images in visible (RGB) lighting or under infrared (IR) illumination for smart home monitoring.
The AR0237 is a 2.1MP CMOS image sensor that is able to provide full HD 1080p motion images output up to 60fps. Its sensor array includes both RGB and IR sensing elements, which can capture color images during the daytime and IR images during the nighttime or in the dark. AR0237 can also support high dynamic range imaging in high-contrast lighting conditions.
The V37A is an advanced image signal processing SoC, which integrates the iCatch's 7th generation image signal processor (ISP) engine as well as the H.264 encoder and various wireless and wired communication peripherals. It supports high dynamic range image synthesis through multiple exposure images. V37A can also empower the edge computing capability right on the camera and perform intelligent image analysis functions, such as face or human detection, to issue appropriate reminders for security purpose. The V37A chip can also connect two image sensors simultaneously to support stereo depth map extraction in real-time for augmented reality (AR) application. These AI-powered features make V37A very suitable for various imaging and video applications with a need of edge intelligence.
As AI technology gradually matures and IoT industry is set to flourish, the combination of AI and IoT has evolved into AIOT and infiltrated into various industries and our daily lives. This smart home camera solution combines iCatch’s V37A smart ISP and the AR0237 RGB-IR CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor to provide the best image quality and smart edge intelligence together in the same camera device.
For more details, please refer to the iCatch Technology and ON Semiconductor websites.