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Press Release
Jan 01, 2020

International Leading Home Security and Surveillance Camera Brands Adopts iCatch's Vi37 Low-power and Intelligent Image Processing Solution Platform

Because of the flourishing development of IOT industries, there are many new types of products and applications emerged in the market. The intelligent home application is one of the most attracted topics. In particular, the demand for home-used security cameras is gaining popularity. In order to make installation easier, wireless connection and battery power have become the market trends. If the artificial intelligence detection function can be added to the camera, it will help to further fulfill the needs of different home applications.
iCatch’s Vi37 series is an SOC chip that can serve AI image processing and intelligent IoT applications together. It is equipped with a high-performance image processor and an H.264 high-performance encoder. It supports up to 4Mp30 + 2Mp30 dual-stream recording and multi-frame HDR combination to capture high contrast scenes. Vi37 also integrates a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to empower the edge computing capability right on the camera. Through the pre-trained neural processing models, it can perform intelligent image analysis functions, such as detection of face or human. This edge computing capability can decrease its dependence on the cloud and increase the protection of privacy, while also greatly reducing the size of the edge devices at the same time. Recently, several international leading brands of home security and surveillance cameras have adopted iCatch’s Vi37 platform when they switched to battery powered solutions and achieving fast startup, intelligent image processing, high efficiency, and low-power consumption functions.
Vi37's high efficiency and power-saving NPU can support face and pedestrian detection, as well as intelligent detection of vehicles and obstacles. For example, human detection can greatly reduce the false alarm rate of doorbell camera caused by unwanted outdoor movement to only alert the user when there is actual people at the front door. By introducing face recognition into home security camera, it can recognize family members and only send out alerts when there are strangers or pets in the scene. Users will also be notified when there are parcels placed outside the door. It is expected that the new generation of smart home security cameras built by the internationally well-known brands with Vi37 inside will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020.
With the maturity of 5G technology and standard, countries around the world have begun to roll out the commercial operation of 5G network. The ultra-large bandwidth, low-latency, and high-speed transmission capabilities provided by the 5G network technology will definitely stimulate the vigorous development of various intelligent image processing and AIOT applications. It will also accelerate the proliferation of intelligent home security and surveillance cameras. The expected market growth will be significant. In response to the trend of low power consumption, wireless transmission, battery power, and AI intelligence, iCatch will continue to invest more resources into the research and development of new products with high performance, low power consumption, high integration, and data security, and to provide customers with more diverse, cost-effective, and intelligent image processing solutions.
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