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Press Release
Nov 03, 2020

Himax Technologies Collaborates with iCatch Technology to Enhance Security Monitoring Solution

Most of the traditional surveillance cameras use PIR technology to detect human or objects, which often causes false triggering or cannot record the moment before the event. With the popularization of Edge AI, Himax Technologies has launched an ultra-low power AI accelerator-embedded ASIC platform solution "WE-1 Plus" that can be applied to security cameras. The unique ROI (region of interest) motion detection and 4-second image pre-recording function can improve the shortcomings of traditional battery-power security cameras that cannot recording before the event.

Himax and iCatch Technology collaborated to launch an AI smart imaging solution, which combines Himax’s unique ultra-low power sensor and microprocessor, and iCatch’s powerful smart image processor. It can be used to develop smart home security monitoring products, and improves the recognition performance of AI image module and product competitiveness.

Through the un-interrupted power function of WE-1 Plus, when the camera detects an event within the set range, it can pre-record the video of 4 seconds before the event is triggered. The WE-1 Plus module combined with the edge AI function of iCatch's high-performance image processor Vi37 can enable battery-power security cameras to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring and real-time detection of human and objects, reducing misjudgments. For example, human detection can greatly reduce the false alarm rate of doorbell camera caused by unwanted outdoor movement to only alert the user when there is actual people at the front door. When a courier delivery package outside the door, it can also store real-time video to the cloud, and the user will receive notice or alarm.
iCatch continues to invest in the development of solutions related to edge computing and smart image processing actively. If you are interested in iCatch's smart image processing solutions or need technical services, welcome to contact us.
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