iCatch’s SoCs are powering a diversity of camera applications in
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Press Release
Sep 10, 2020

iCatch Technology Awarded The Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises in R&D Innovation in The 20th Golden Peak Award

The 20th Golden Peak Award organized by OEMA (Outstanding Enterprises Manager Association) was held on September 4, 2020 to honor the outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs in Taiwan in the past year. iCatch Technology received the "Top 10 Outstanding Innovations Award" in recognition of its "Intelligent Edge Computing and Image Processing SoC" product through the active involvement in the automotive and artificial intelligence image research and product development in the recent years. The award was accepted by iCatch’s President Weber Hsu during the ceremony.
iCatch is a professional IC design company focusing on the development of intelligent image SoC products with high-end image processing and advanced video processing technology. As the global industrial trends moved toward IoT and AI applications, iCatch began to develop deep neural network processing and the edge computing technologies since 2017. So iCatch was one of the pioneers in Taiwan to devote in developing image processor with AI capabilities and led the peers to launch such AI accelerator enabled image processing SOC chip in Taiwan in 2018.
iCatch's innovative chip solutions can be applied to various smart image processing devices, such as: dashboard camera with FCWS and PD capabilities, backward camera, electronic rear view mirror, blind spot camera, smart video doorbell, home security and surveillance camera, and ePTZ camera that can track speakers automatically. These application solutions have promoted to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other markets successfully.
Through these efforts, iCatch Technology has been selected as the Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Providers in 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook. iCatch's automotive intelligent ISP chip Ci1 was picked as a finalist in the "Best in Class Perception System" category in the AutoSens Awards 2019 in Brussels. This chip was also presented as an industrial showcase of advanced automotive imaging solution in the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2019 in Taipei.
iCatch's innovative products have been recognized by domestic and foreign companies and academic cycles for many years. In the future, with the diversified changes and evolution of the market, iCatch will use specialized image processing technology to meet the need of emerging application scenarios, and continue to expand the application scopes and opportunities of new products to achieve the goal of corporate sustainable development.