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Press Release
Feb 04, 2020

A World Leading Camera Company Announced a New 360-degree Spherical Camera Using iCatch’s V50 Advanced Imaging System Processing Chip Solution

In last quarter, a world renowned first-tier camera company announced a new 360-degree spherical camera which enrolls the V50 advanced 4K image processing chip from iCatch as the main processor to achieve real-time in-camera stitching of spherical images. It support several intelligent capture modes with a simple operation flow which enables the users to capture spherical images with superior quality very easily.

This new 360-degree spherical camera, with a slim and compact design, is operable with just one hand. It includes two high quality image sensors of more than 10Mp resolution each and super-wide angel fisheye lenses. In addition to capturing super high resolution pictures, it can also record 4K UHD video at 30fps. Under the night view mode, it can shot clear images under low light conditions with advanced noise reduction filtering. Under the face correction mode, it can detect faces in the imaging window and enhance the skin colors of the faces. Under the spherical mode, it can stitch two fisheye images into a single spherical image without post-processing by other computational devices.

iCatch’s V50 advanced image processing chip, as the main operation engine of this new 360-degree camera, supports inputs up to 4 CMOS image sensors, 5-axis of electronic image stabilization (EIS), high dynamic range (HDR), and super resolution (SR) functions, which are very useful for multi-camera stitched panoramic imaging and spherically stitched camera products. These spherical imaging devices are applicable to sports, social events, travels, business meetings, family gathering, automotive vehicles, and many other scenarios. One variation of V50 series embeds a DDR DRAM memory into a single multi-chip package. This approach can reduced the physical dimension of the end product and provide the flexibility to optimize the total system cost structure.

Through the variety of functionalities integrated in the V50 platform, it brings not only stunning image quality but also convenience and usability to the end users of social media, video sharing, self-media, and bloggers. Combining all of above makes the V50 platform the top choice to enable high quality imaging products with slim and compact design, excellent image quality, press-to-shot performance, and longer battery life.

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