iCatch’s SoCs are powering a diversity of camera applications in
multiple markets.

Press Release
Sep 27, 2019

iCatch Technology’s Expansion into the Medical Imaging Industry

In addition to automotive and consumer applications, iCatch's advanced imaging processing solutions have also been used in the medical industry to improve the quality of human life. NewKen Technologies is a medical imaging device design company that has acquired ISO 13485:2016 certification to accelerate its market penetration globally. In the past years, NewKen has been shipping medical imaging devices based on iCatch's platforms to customers worldwide, including Dental Camera, Skin Scanning Camera and Endoscope.
Faspro Systems is a leading provider of innovative medical solution company and has been launching wireless medical camera based on iCatch's advanced imaging processing solutions. Lately Faspro Systems has introduced the FM-100 Series Head-Mounted Wireless Camera to the market. The Head-mounted Wireless Camera provides high-quality video at 1080p30 and is equipped with best-in-class auto-focus technology to capture every detail, in highly integrity & reliability, throughout the operation from surgeon's point-of-view. The camera can record the medical procedures in the internal storage and has WiFi built-in to connect to smartphone to support live broadcasting, making it a perfect solution for training sessions and seminars at hospital or university. 
iCatch Technology will continue to advance imaging processing technology and system integration capability to fulfill customer demand and cooperate with partners to explore various opportunities in the medical imaging industry.