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Press Release
Mar 14, 2019

New Era of Smart Manufacturing Arrived! iCatch’s V37 AI-powered Image Processing SoC Enables Edge Computing Capability for AIOT Market

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, intelligent image processing SoC solutions, continues to advance in the development of AI imaging applications on edge. With more than one quarter of rigorous testing and system software development, the AI image processing SoC V37 has passed various qualifications and is finally ready for mass production to become the first AI edge computing image processing SoC in Taiwan that is available to the market. V37 is expected to be adopted by multiple worldwide renowned companies to power intelligent imaging applications in automotive and smart home markets in 2019.
V37 can capture stunning 4Kp30 video with iCatch's 7th generation image signal processor (ISP) and H.264 high-performance encoder. Its advanced ISP also supports multi-frame HDR combination to capture high contrast scenes and 5-axis electronic image stabilization (EIS) to provide highly stabilized video. Thus it can be used for action cameras, drones, VR HMDs and many other imaging devices. In addition, V37 has incorporated a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to empower the edge computing capability right on the camera. V37 can also connect two image sensors simultaneously to support stereo depth map extraction in real-time for augmented reality (AR) application. These AI-powered features make V37 very suitable for various indoor and outdoor scene monitoring, such as smart doorbell, courtyard monitoring, smart light camera, smart home security camera and similar applications.
As AI technology gradually matures and IoT industry is set to flourish, the combination of AI and IoT has evolved into AIOT and infiltrated into various industries and our daily lives. V37’s AI-powered image processor can be used to develop a variety of AIoT solutions, for example, human detection can greatly reduce the false alarm rate of doorbell camera caused by unwanted outdoor movement to only alert the user when there is actual people at the front door. By introducing face recognition into home security camera, the camera can recognize family members and only send out alerts when there are unknown persons or pets in the scene. Moreover, the camera can also tag the recorded video based on preference settings to help users quickly find the video segments that are important to them.
With the advent of Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing, the embedded NPU inside V37 can also be applied in manufacturing process. In the production line, robotic arm can make precise movements through the integration of AI and image sensors. Electronic fence system can also strengthen the factory safety by stopping the machine operation once the operators enter a hazardous zone. V37 is a high-performance and cost effective AI imaging platform for customers to enable other applications, such as unmanned stores, smart shelves, smart digital signage, smart vending machines and more.
iCatch Technology has been actively approaching AI image processing applications with its latest V37 platform, such as smart home cameras, VR HMD cameras and 3D depth module, through the cooperation with many companies in the AIoT industry. Target is to continue expanding the customer base, especially the worldwide renowned corporations, to drive company revenue and profit.
About iCatch Technology
iCatch Technology was founded in 2009 by a team of talented and well-experienced engineers in digital imaging. With the core image processing technology and patents, combined with advanced video codec and system integration technology, iCatch has been focused on the research and development of advanced digital imaging SoC solutions ever since. As the integration of IoT and AI technology matures, iCatch continues to invest large resources into the research and development of deep learning and edge computing to improve the intelligent image processing technology. iCatch also aims to provide high performance products with good quality and service to support internationally renowned customers and extend the imaging applications to smart automotive imaging, ADAS, stereo depth processing, machine vision, IoT and Industry 4.0 and smart home appliances.