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Press Release
Jun 12, 2020

Prof. Winston Hsu of National Taiwan University Collaborates with iCatch Technology to Optimize the AI algorithm on the Edge Vision

iCatch pioneered in delivering AI-powered imaging SOC solution in Taiwan.
Since its establishment, iCatch has dedicated its R&D efforts to image processing and intelligent computing algorithms, hardware acceleration engines, and the SoC design and integration. In addition to the continuous upgrade of image quality and processing performance, iCatch has also invested in the research and application of neural network AI smart computing since several years ago, especially in the recognition, detection and tracking of faces, human figures, vehicles, and objects. On the other hand, iCatch has also invested in the development of neural network computing acceleration actively by adopting a highly efficient acceleration engine to achieve edge computing with low power consumption. The implementation of AI inference at the edge can reduce the latency and bandwidth required for the cloud processing, and protect the privacy of data at the same. In early 2019, iCatch was the first to launch an image processing SoC with intelligent edge computing in Taiwan. This platform has been adopted by many international OEMs in dashboard camera and battery-powered security camera. Now, iCatch will further cooperate with the academia to develop new lightweight neural network models for the edge to catch up with the ever changing applications.
 * About Professor Hsu, visit his personal website

Prof. Hsu leads the top AI research team in Taiwan for image and video processing.
Prof. Hsu has won many international recognitions in the field of AI technology for image and video processing. His research team has developed many innovative technologies in deep neural network, machine learning and image processing algorithms, with specialty in the object searching and recognition among large-scale video retrievals and business model of forward-looking technology. When he was a visiting researcher at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Dr. Hsu contributed to publish the world's first AI generated movie trailer. He has more than ten years of experience in industry-academia cooperation to deploy deep learning technology into products. Through the integration of the new AI algorithm from his research team and the intelligent imaging development platform from iCatch, it will enable the development of more efficient and higher performance products. iCatch and Prof. Hsu will cooperate to develop the intelligent image processing in human body posture detection and recognition with neural networks.
iCatch Technology always supports academic researches so that it can accelerate the industrial application of academic outcomes in one hand and create add-on value to the products while promoting academic development in another. Welcome the academic institutes or industrial leaders to cooperate with iCatch to enable edge AI imaging applications and share the co-created values together.
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