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Press Release
Sep 02, 2018

iCatch Employees Attend AI Academy: 1st Place at Graduation Contest

To be prepared for the coming of AI era, two of iCatch's employees, Yi-Ming Kao and Justin Liu, attended Taiwan AI Academy. Taiwan AI Academy was led by the Taiwanese government and had the best instructors from both the academia and industry to prepare the talents from different fields for the upcoming AI revolution. With determination and perseverance, both of them successfully passed the entrance exam and graduated from AIA after sixteen weeks of hard work.

Due to iCatch's refocus on automotive imaging market and frequent traffic accidents caused by drowsy drivers, they proposed "Driver Monitoring System" to be their team's topic for the graduation contest. With the collaboration between the eight team members, their deep learning model could successfully detect blinking, yawning and nodding events and distinguish whether a driver was feeling fatigued with high accuracy. At the graduation contest, the team stood out from a total of eleven teams and received 1st Place Award.
(For the presentation at the graduation contest, please refer to video #6 @ 16:00 at this link)

With the endless opportunities deep learning can bring, iCatch will continue to build upon this great start and focus on the essential features to really solve the pain points in multiple industries, such as automotive, consumer, home and IoT, to change the way we live.