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Press Release
May 08, 2020

Feiyu’s New Pocket Gimbal Camera, Feiyu Pocket, Adopts iCatch's Intelligent SoC Solution

Recently, Feiyu Tech has officially announced a new pocket-size gimbal camera, Feiyu Pocket, which is empowered by iCatch's low-power intelligent image processing chip as the main processor. The compact design of the pocket camera integrates a gimbal and an action camera into a single device which is very user-friendly, lightweight and easy to carry around. Users can capture the high-quality images and videos easily in any situations.
The key features of Feiyu Pocket camera includes:
  • Compact size and powerful performance
  • Records up to UHD 4K/60fps
  • 1.3" live-view touchscreen display
  • 120° Ultra-wide Angle Brings a Broader Vision
  • 6-Axis Hybrid Stabilization
The Feiyu Pocket adopts a new intelligent gimbal stabilizer. It features small and light body with only 115g net-weight and a 1.3" live-view touchscreen display. Feiyu Pocket can connect to the companion Feiyu Cam app on user’s mobile phone over the built-in Wi-Fi function, which provides real-time preview, remote control, editing and sharing features. Feiyu Pocket also integrates a high-end image sensor, which can shoot 4K/60fps video at 120Mbps and provide better experience in different shooting themes and environments. With the 120° ultra-wide-angle lenses combined with the distortion compensation engine, Feiyu pocket brings a panoramic vision of the scene you see into the picture as much as possible. Furthermore, the Anti-Distortion function can correct the distortion of the image in real time. Furthermore, Feiyu pocket has also includes a new six-axis hybrid anti-shake algorithm. Together with the accurate control of a miniature high-torsion brushless motor, it is possible to achieve a better image stabilization performance than electronic image stabilization (EIS) and optical image stabilization (OIS) along.
iCatch’s 7th generation image signal processing system chip (SOC), as the main operation engine of Feiyu Pocket, has a built-in H.264 high-performance encoder that can process 4K images in real time. It is equipped with a powerful image processing acceleration engine that can support a variety of computer vision calculations, such as lens distortion correction, matrix calculation, graphic comparison, face detection, electronic image stabilization and other functions. iCatch's image processing platform also supports a variety of external interfaces, including USB2.0, SD memory card, HDMI/LCD display screen, MIPI CSI and DSI interfaces, which can reduce the physical dimension of the end product and provide more flexibility to optimize the total cost of the system. Through the high-end image processing engine, complete peripheral device connections and ultra-low power design, iCatch's intelligent image processing SoC solution can be applied to various products such as sports cameras, wearable cameras and entertainment cameras.
The variety of functionalities integrated inside the iCatch’s image processing system chip brings not only stunning image quality but also high efficiency shooting experience to the end-consumers, especially for those users of social media, video sharing, self-media and blogs. Combining all of the features above makes iCatch's platform the top choice to enable high quality imaging products with slim and compact design, excellent image quality, press-to-shot performance and longer battery life.
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