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Press Release
Jul 09, 2020

H.P.B. Optoelectronics Adopts iCatch’s AI-Powered Imaging Processing Solution to Develop Driver State Monitoring System

Studies showed that 90% of most traffic accidents have causal factors related to the driver (such as action mistakes, fatigue and distraction). Not only the analysis reports of traffic accidents, but also the analysis reports of driver behavior reveal that the monitoring and feedback mechanism of the driver state can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. By providing the drivers with driving behavior feedback through "driver status analysis", the estimated average number of accidents could be reduced by 20%. Therefore, many countries have made different amendments to "Driver State Monitoring" in traffic safety regulations for new vehicle safety assessment to improve traffic safety. Many advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are now being used for driver state monitoring.
H.P.B. Optoelectronics, a leading automotive imaging systems provider with many years of expertise in optical and sensor system technology, image processing and deep learning algorithms, recently adopted iCatch’s AI smart image processing solution to develop the driver state monitoring (DSM) product for automotive safety systems. The key advantage of H.P.B’s DSM system is that it can adapt to the complex brightness changes over various driving environment and accommodate several facial artifacts (such as hat or sun glasses) of the drivers. It can achieve a high detection rate while be cost-effective at the same time. This DSM system can also recognize the registered driver and detect the dangerous behaviors of the driver (e.g. not wearing a seat belt, holding a mobile phone, smoking or drinking). H.P.B. said that the DSM system product will focus on aftermarkets at first and gradually promot to OE market and Tier-1 manufacturers thereafter.
iCatch’s high-performance image signal processor (ISP) supports multi-frame HDR combination to capture high contrast scenes and incorporates a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to empower the edge computing capability right on the camera for the vehicle detection (VD) and pedestrian detection (PD) function. These features are very suitable for driver state monitoring system (DMS), in-cabin monitoring, front-collision warning system (FCWS), and rear-view camera (RVC) applications.
H.P.B. is a professional design and manufacturer of smart imaging products. Its key technology is to integrate the optical system technology with computer vision and deep learning algorithms into the camera module. Using iCatch's high-efficiency and low-power consumption SoC as the development platform, H.P.B can bring the intelligent image functions into the camera module. For the long-term application of technology and product development, H.P.B. believes that DSM technology and applications will not be limited to driving status detection and feedback mechanisms. Using iCatch's high-efficiency and low-power platform, it is possible to extend the development to the following applications: 1) combining DSM with ADAS application to make vehicle safety more comprehensive; 2) combining DMS kernel algorithms with human machine interface functions to enable new application fields.
Improving traffic safety by AI technology is a new trend in the development of the automotive industry. iCatch has been actively approaching the automotive Imaging market in the recent years. Its intelligent image processor and advanced edge computing capabilities can provide the best image quality for driver’s viewing and to achieve ADAS applications in the module.
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