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Press Release
Jul 27, 2023

iCatch Technology and FS Solution Collaborate to Provide Advanced Driver Safety Solutions for Fleet Management Market

iCatch Technology, a leading AI image processing IC design company, announces its strategic collaboration with FS Solution, a Korean AI software development company focusing on AI video analytics solutions. FS Solution specializes in optimizing its AI algorithm to make it feasible on resource-constrained embedded systems. In a joint effort, iCatch Technology and FS Solution have incorporated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and driver monitoring systems (DMS) solutions into iCatch Technology’s latest CR3 Automotive AI imaging SoC to improve the safety and efficiency in the fleet management sector.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Photo: FS Solution
The CR3 AI Imaging SoC can support multiple camera inputs with a total throughput of 4Kp30 and the integrated video digital signal processor (VDSP) and neural processing unit (NPU) can be used to accelerate advanced AI algorithm processing. Moreover, CR3 is available from industrial grade to AEC-Q100 automotive grade to meet the requirements from various customers in the automotive industry. With the previous successful partnership on the development of ADAS and DMS on iCatch Technology’s CR1 SoC for dealer option and fleet management AI dashcams, FS Solution is able to utilize the higher AI computing performance inside CR3 SoC to realize more ADAS and DMS features at an even higher accuracy.

Driver Monitoring System. Photo: FS Solution

"We are delighted to collaborate with FS Solution, leveraging the strengths of both companies to provide innovative and reliable fleet management solution to the market, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the safety and efficiency of fleet operations." said Weber Hsu, CEO of iCatch Technology. "With a longstanding and productive relationship with iCatch Technology, our shared vision is to actively work with our end customers to drive the advancement of fleet management based on this innovative solution ”, said Tommy Lee, CEO of FS Solution.
iCatch Technology and FS Solution will continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the automotive imaging industry. With cars becoming highly automated, there is increasing requirement on the reliability of the processors inside the driver assistance systems. iCatch Technology has been working toward ISO26262 certification and will introduce AI image processor with functional safety qualification in the future to meet safety requirements. On the other hand, FS Solution has been actively developing AI algorithms for smart cabin application, including age and emotion detection, abnormal behavior detection and face recognition. Both companies are committed to help redefine the future landscape of transportation and drive the technological advancement within the rapidly evolving new mobility sector.
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