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Press Release
Aug 21, 2019

iCatch Technology Joins Smart IoT Taiwan 2019, Deepens in AIoT Market

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, intelligent image processing SoC solutions, has been actively approaching AIoT market and participates in the Smart IoT Taiwan 2019 Exhibition held from August 21 to 23, 2019. iCatch demonstrates several application scenarios based on smart IoT platform and smart home solutions, including Smart Home Camera, Facial Recognition System, Driver Monitoring System, AI Trail Camera, PTZ Web Camera Solution, and 3D TOF Camera Solution.
iCatch's AI-powered image processing SoC V37 has incorporated a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to empower the edge computing capability right on the camera. Through various AI software models, the V37 platform can detect faces, human heads, and animals to enable facial recognition system, driver monitoring system, and AI trail cameras. For example, Smart doorbell can recognize family members by introducing face recognition, the camera only sends out alerts when there are unknown persons in the scene. In addition to the night vision function, AI trail camera can capture the occurrence of only the selected species and ignore the non-selected objects.
In addition to providing high-quality images to the far-end video connection, the video conference camera based on iCatch's V50 platform can crop and track a person in the camera field of view so that the image of this tracked person will locate as close to the display screen center as possible. This function is a very useful for a conference presenter or a live streaming host. A very special demo is the iCatch’s 1st 3D TOF camera module, which includes TOF and RGB sensors and uses V50 SoC as the controller. It provides flexible depth sensing range with better accuracy and capture color image at the same time. It is very suitable for distance detection, people counting, gesture recognition, industrial robot, and long-term care for elders or healthcare environmental monitoring.
Another exhibition scenario is to demonstrate iCatch's V35 advanced SoC platform for use in a variety of smart home camera applications. By incorporating with various IoT sensors, such as reed switches, smoke detector, doorbell, infrared alarm, or sound sensor, as the triggering devices, the V35 platform can quickly turn on and immediately notify the user's smart phone through the wireless networks. The user can also view the real-time video to check what happens in the scene on the phone or in the house.
The development of the Internet of Things industry involves a wide range of applications, including logistics, transportation, security, medical, manufacturing, home, retail and agriculture. iCatch Technology can provide a variety of application solutions and help customers to develop products suitable for different needs. The following lists are our AIOT application solutions presented in SIoT 2019. We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth.

Smart IoT Taiwan 2019
Show Date: 10am-6pm, Aug. 21 (Wed) ~ 23 (Fri), 2019
Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (39, Cheng-gong 2nd Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

※ Special thanks to the Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, James C. F. Huang, for visiting iCatch's booth to understand the 3D TOF camera solution based on the V50 platform.