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Press Release
Mar 11, 2022

iCatch Technology Cooperates with APPRO PHOTOELECTRON to Support Nvidia AI Imaging Solution

Based on years of experience from digital image processing, iCatch Technology actively develops machine vision technologies and applications. APPRO PHOTOELECTRON, as a strategic partner with Nvidia, selects iCatch Ci1 and Ci3-P platforms to develop a variety of camera modules ranging from 1080p to 4K resolution and compatible with full series of Nvidia Jetson AI computing platforms. These solutions support customized services and excellent image quality. They can be applied to the markets in ADAS, industrial automation, and smart cities to become the eyes of AI equipment. 

APPRO PHOTOELECTRON is a professional design house for image products that provides highly integrated software and hardware and complete camera module solutions. APPRO is the only camera partner of Nvidia in Taiwan, and provides customized camera modules for various terminal applications with Nvidia Jetson AI computing platforms. Owing to the higher image quality requirements for machine vision, APPRO camera modules use the iCatch's advanced image signal processor as the processing core to build 4K HDR wide dynamic and 1080p120 high frame rate images, and integrates in-house developed autofocus (AF) and shutter synchronization (Trigger) algorithms to support end customers to achieve AI imaging applications in various fields, such as high dynamic range processing of automotive ADAS video, high frame rate and shutter synchronization of industrial automation, 4K high-resolution images in smart cities, etc. iCatch's image processor has the advantages of advanced HDR image processing, noise reduction, low power consumption and AEC-Q100 automotive quality certification. It can also flexibly optimize video quality for human vision and machine vision simultaneously. With the image adaptation technology and customized services of APPRO, it can fulfill the various image demands of Nvidia artificial intelligence ecosystem.

In addition to the camera module, iCatch will further look for more cooperation opportunities with APPRO in other fields, and develop the integral imaging solutions for automotive imaging, home security, distance education, and video conferencing applications based on iCatch's AI imaging SoC. With combination of iCatch's edge AI imaging technology and APPRO's image customization expertise, both parties will continue to explore new opportunities in AI imaging.

APPRO was established in 1999 and dedicated itself to be a professional design house for image products to help customers to develop products. There are many OEM products with APPRO's image technology in the market. For the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning applications, APPRO can offer a “good eyes” to help customers to do the analysis. With the good image quality, it can greatly increase the accuracy.
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iCatch Technology was founded in 2009 and has been focusing on the research and development of digital imaging SoC solutions. iCatch provides high-quality image processing capabilities, low power consumption, and a variety of software and hardware platform interfaces to support our end customers developing advanced products.
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