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Press Release
Nov 12, 2020

Global Brand Name Customer Adopts iCatch Technology Intelligent Automotive Imaging SoC for Fleet Management Application

As high as 90% of the traffic accidents are related to driver’s status, such as fatigue or distraction. Studies have shown that by monitoring driver’s behavior and status, the traffic accidents can be greatly reduced by as much as 20%. Hence, the world’s leading safety assessment institutions and most countries around the world are evaluating the benefit drivers can get by enforcing driver monitoring systems on all vehicles.
Among all types of vehicles, commercial fleets are especially exposed to the potential threats of driver fatigue and distraction due to long driving time and distance. Global brand name customer has adopted iCatch Technology’s intelligent automotive imaging SoC as the heart of fleet management dash camera to combine iCatch’s expertise in image processing and video recording with customer’s own fleet management system and AI algorithm in the cloud. Both the front and in-cabin camera video streams are not only recorded on the local memory but also live streamed via 4G connectivity to the cloud for video backup and live review.
iCatch’s intelligent automotive imaging SoCs can support multi-channel video recording with a total of 4Kp30 processing throughput. With the capability of supporting up to 4-channel video inputs, iCatch’s SoC provides various system architecture options to the customers, from one-camera front recording all the way to four camera surround recording. The built-in high performance ISP can provide state-of-the-art HDR imaging to overcome the high contrast scenes on the road. The embedded H.264/H.265 CODEC can minimize the video file size to maximize the recording time on the memory and to save data cost on video transmission via 4G.
The combination of iCatch’s image processing and end customer’s cloud integration and AI algorithm becomes a new fleet management solution to all fleets running on the road. Fleet managers have real time visibility to each driver and have the video files as evidences for driver coaching and performance review. The high-risk drivers will be identified and highlighted by end customer’s advanced AI algorithm to minimize the efforts searching through the videos. This solution enables the fleet owner to take a proactive approach to improve driver behavior before costly accidents happen.

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