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Press Release
Jul 08, 2021

iCatch Technology Launches 4K AI Smart Tracking Video Conferencing Dual Camera Solution

iCatch Technology recently launched a 4K AI smart tracking video solution that supports multiple cameras. After announcing an AI video camera solution and cooperating with international IT leaders for mass production in the last year, iCatch has continued to develop new technology and improved the overall solution with new features which includes dual camera sensor input, HDR videos, AI auto human tracking, and other high-quality images functions.

iCatch's AI accelerator solution can track attendees automatically and keep the speaker in the center of the display. This feature is like the Center Stage function of the new iPad Pro which Apple launched lately in April. iCatch's solution can further calculate the total number of people in the video, and the camera will zoom to display all the participants in the screen automatically. If someone is speaking, the camera will focus on the speaker, which is very practical for video conferencing application.
(Video source: Unison Technology Ltd.)
iCatch's new AI 4K video conferencing solution can support dual image sensor input, ultra wide viewing angle and 360-degree surround view function. The user can select a preferred viewing angle from the captured panoramic scene. This also allows the developers to diversify their product design for different conferencing scenarios.
The product using iCatch's AI video conferencing solution has passed Zoom's official hardware certification at the beginning of this year, and can perfectly match the Zoom video conferencing software with the AI Auto Frame function. The new solution can alsoassist customers to pass the Zoom's official hardware certification. Furthermore, it can be used with other mainstream video conferencing software solutions, too.
iCatch provides an integrated AI solution package which includes AI firmware tools, chip development boards, as well as reference circuit diagrams and documents. Clients can develop their AI imaging products quickly up to their requirements.
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