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Press Release
Jul 15, 2020

iCatch Technology Announces New Ci3 ISP Series for OE Automotive Camera Module

iCatch Technology, a global leader in digital image processing specialized in edge AI, low-power and connected camera devices, today introduces the Ci3 series ISP for OE automotive camera module applications. Ci3 series has incorporated iCatch’s 7th generation ISP, which is specially designed for automotive imaging scenario, to support ultra high dynamic range (HDR), LED flicker mitigation (LFM), RGGB/RCCC/RCCB/RGBIR CMOS sensors and advanced dewarping engine to fulfill the stringent image quality requirement by automakers.
Ci3 series is designed to support the most advanced automotive grade CMOS sensor to enable ultra high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and LED flicker mitigation (LFM) simultaneously. HDR can help the camera overcome the high contrast scene, such as tunnel or garage entrances, to provide visible information to the driver or the ADAS computing unit. With the adoption of LEDs, traffic lights and car headlight/tail light cause flicker to the video captured by the automotive camera module. LFM can adapt to the a wide range of frequencies to greatly reduce the LED flicker effect to produce a smoother video which is crucial for ADAS processing, such as forward collision warning and traffic sign recognition.


Ci3 series also includes iCatch’s 2nd generation RGBIR engine. It produces state-of-the-arts color accuracy and image details comparing to existing solutions in the market. With iCatch’s Ci3 series ISPs, RGBIR camera module combines both RGB and IR cameras into one to provide accurate RGB imaging for the daytime and IR imaging for the nighttime. This is ideal for in-cabin applications, such as driver monitoring or passenger monitoring systems.

In addition to the ISP, Ci3 series also has an embedded dewarping engine. It can be used for lens distortion correction or can generate multiple view angles (Multi-view) from a single camera to assist the driver. For example, the multi-view function can be applied to camera monitoring systems to avoid blind spots or to rear view camera for different backup scenarios.   

Ci3 series is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified and its small form factor and low power consumption makes it especially suitable for 1080p automotive camera module. For more information, please refer to this link or send us a request via