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Press Release
Nov 26, 2020

iCatch Technology Integrates TWCC High Performance Computing Services and AI Cloud Platform to Accelerate Product Development Cycle

iCatch Technology has cooperated with the NCHC (National Center of High-performance Computing) since January 2020 to adopt Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC) services. Through the integration of software and hardware resources, it not only accelerates the model training process of AI algorithms, but also reduces the time cost of model training. It is also more flexible in operation and application, saving hardware purchase and maintenance cost for product development, and shortening product development time effectively and improve product performance.
The Taiwan AI supercomputer system "TWCC" build by NCHC provides powerful computing resources and an important experimental field for the AI development from all walks of life, and integrates big data and AI cloud platform. TWCC has expanded the services to other industries since 2019 and invited partners in various fields such as domestic and foreign technology, platform, application, promotion, etc., hoping to improve Taiwan's AI R&D potential and environment to drive the next wave of economic transformation.
iCatch continues to invest in artificial intelligence algorithm actively in the recent years. iCatch's innovative products in automotive and security surveillance have also been recognized by domestic and foreign companies and academic. iCatch's AI-powered image processing SoC has incorporated a state-of-the-art neural processing unit (NPU) to empower the edge computing capability right on the camera. Through training various neural network models, iCatch’s smart Imaging solutions can detect faces, body, postures, vehicles and obstacles on the road to help customers to develop products suitable for different needs, such as smart home security camera, smart access control system, advanced driver assistance systems, and fleet management system.
Through TWCC high performance computing services, iCatch Technology will continue to deepen in automotive and AI image processing application with professional image processing technology in the future. With the diversified changes of the market, iCatch will also develop the intelligent edge computing image processing solutions in line with emerging application scenarios and continue to expand new application fields and opportunities.

Please refer to Digitimes News about TWCC’s interview with General Manager Weber.

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